Company Profile

Shanghai Power Motion Machinery Co. Ltd which was founded in 2002, is a specialized agency for the import of machinery equipment. The main fields involved are the Highway, Railway, Aviation and Metallurgical chemical industry. We are the designated franchiser for the FAUN Environmental vehicle of Germany , ASFT runway friction tester of Sweden and Ruthmann Steiger Series of Germany in China . At the same time, with good reputation and qualification we are authorized the exclusive agency Ducker products in China . At the recent decade, our products are selling throughout the country and the products quality and after service are praised highly by the customers. Quick response and High quality service fully embody our service aim of thoughtful for customers. For the future we will continue introducing good products into China for the benefit of more customers.


● Environmental protection Equipment

Airport Equipment

Railway Equipment

Highway Equipment

Municipal Equipment


Shanghai Company Address:
ADD: Room 2002, Bund Square No.868 Longhua Rd.(E), Shanghai, P.R.China
P.C.: 200023
Fax: 86-21-33686637
Tel: 86-21-64697373

Hong Kong Address:
ADD: RM1708 Wayson Commercial Building 28 Connaught Road West Western Hongkong
TEL: 25436848
FAX: 28159171

Germany Company Address:
ADD: Werft Str.47 D-40459 Dusseldorf Germany
TEL: 0211-9365979
FAX: 0211-9365983

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